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Afghanistan Update

Afghanistan Update
Afghanistan Update

In response to the crisis in Afghanistan , Tying Vines moved quickly last month to organize and initiate help on the ground. Jeff and Mary Kenney, Melissa Mitchell and Bill Stewart flew into Tajikistan a week after the Taliban took control. Tajikistan is on the northeast border of Afghanistan. It is one of the only neighboring countries accepting refugees at this time. Presently there are approximately five to eight thousand refugees residing in five government designated communities.

In a short visit this team was able to accomplish several things. Working with local partners to facilitate the emergency relief and aid:

  • An Afghan Relief Coordinator was identified.
  • A Tajik Country Coordinator was established.
  • Coordination for receiving a container/ and Distribution was organized.
Also, with the help of the local partners in the area, Emergency Relief for 100 families is underway. This relief includes food, shelter and medical help for those in the greatest need. Jeff shared that while they were there it felt like the doors were opening one after the other to make things happen. The need is overwhelming.

Melissa, in her recent blog for Walk with Me, shared about what it has been like for the people who are fleeing their homes. 

“Here are some things they shared that will stay with me for a long while…

  • My husband was beaten so badly by the Taliban that now he’s an invalid.
  • The Taliban abducted and abused my young son for more than a month before we were able to escape.
  • I was a woman who worked for the ‘infidels’- i was attacked and stabbed before I made it out.
  • I owned a fitness center for women. They threatened to kill my children. We left everything.
  • Women are no longer allowed to work.  They threatened to bomb my home because I was a teacher.

If you would like to  help, please consider these opportunities.

Food Boxes: 70 dollars/ month- feeds a family for a  month.

Sponsor a Refugee Family:

300 dollars/ month  will sponsor a refugee family by providing shelter and food ( our goal is to sponsor 100 families.)

Relocation Fund:  Help Afghans who worked with Western Organizations to get out of Afghanistan to the safety of a stable country in the region.  It is expensive. Each one costs nearly 1,800 dollars.

Pray.  For the Afghan people-those still in the country facing torture and death, and those who got out still needing help to survive.  Pray.  For the many groups trying to help anyway they can. This is only the beginning. 

May we not grow weary of doing good.  Gal. 6:9

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