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About Tying Vines
About Tying Vines

Who We Are

Tying Vines, Inc. is a Christian nonprofit organization established in 2011 to connect local heroes working to bring hope and God’s love to disadvantaged or impoverished communities. We connect our locally-based partners to the support of the global community so that together we can have a lasting impact on transforming at-risk communities with the love of Christ.  

Our Journey

Tying Vines was born out of a small Christian home-group and the shared belief that they could help churches around the world link resources to grow church leaders and provide assistance and hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable. What started with a few small projects in 2011, now has grown into a thriving, diverse network that focuses on Christ’s call to meet both the spiritual and physical needs of the world’s suffering. Today, Tying Vines not only helps churches, but facilitates humanitarian programs to address the needs of orphans and widows, provide healthcare for the sick, offer trauma counseling to those fleeing war-torn areas and support impoverished communities with education, vocational training and small-business development. Rooted in an authentic faith and a heart for the hurting, Tying Vines endeavors to provide tangible help and hope to those who need it most.

What we offer

Our Services

Funds Management
  • 501(c)(3) donation vehicle
  • Accounting and bookkeeping functions.
  • Funds disbursement.
Donor Management
  • Accountability and communication to donors.
  • Donor support.
Project Governance
  • Administrative support.
  • Promotion and marketing of activities to interested community.
  • Access to global marketplace for community development initiatives.

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Never have we seen such an opportunity to touch millions of people in one location who come from some of the most difficult countries to reach.

Small steps change lives. Our humanitarian outreach gives us access to families, allowing us to touch lives in deep ways.
WalkWithMe, global
Our dream is to see communities transformed by flourishing businesses that are aligned with God’s purposes and serve the needs of the people.
Marketplace , Leader

Our dream is to see communities transformed by flourishing businesses that are aligned with God’s purposes and serve the needs of the people.

The Gray Samaritan,

Meet our Board

Mary Kenney - Tying Vines President
Mary Kenney, Esq.
President/Board Member
Melissa Mitchell - Tying Vines Team
Melissa Mitchell
Vice President, Programs/Board Member
Jeff Kenney - Tying Vines Team
Jeff Kenney
Treasurer/Board Member
Bob Boehner - Tying Vines Team
Bob Boehner
Secretary/Board Member
Anwar Sawaya - Tying Vines Team
Anwar Sawaya
Board Member
Joe Page - Tying Vines Team
Joe Page
Board Member
Don Brown - Tying Vines Team
Don Brown
Informatino Technology/Board Member

Meet our Team

Beth Underwood - Tying Vines Team
Beth Underwood
Donor Relations Director
Tim Girgis - Tying Vines Team
Tim Girgis
Director, Marketplace
Bill Stewart - Tying Vines Team
Bill Stewart
Vice President, Marketplace
Gary Hughes - Tying Vines Team
Gary Hughes
Vice President, Finance and Administration
Mattie Hildebrand - Tying Vines Team
Mattie Hildebrand
Blog Writer
Karol Kimple - Tying Vines Team
Karol Kimple
Josh Smith - Tying Vines Team
Josh Smith
Assistant Treasurer
Anne Hughes - Tying Vines Team
Anne Hughes
WoW Supplier Manager
Adam Settle - Tying Vines Team
Adam Settle
Podcast Production and Member Care

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