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Tying Vines' Collaborative Model for Disaster Response

Syria and Turkey Earthquake 2023
The Power of Local Partnerships: Tying Vines' Collaborative Model for Disaster Response

This week Tying Vines is working quickly to mobilize as much help as possible for the people in Turkey and Syria devastated by the earthquake.  As of this writing the death toll alone is over 36,000.  The overarching mission at Tying Vines is to empower local leaders to respond and prepare for the long haul of recovery.  Photos and videos are flowing in from our network on the ground in the region.  They are filled with scenes of grieving parents pulling their children from the rubble, buildings completely flattened, and devastation wherever you look.  According to a pastor in the area, 70% of Antakya (also known as Antioch) was completely destroyed and the remaining 30% is no longer habitable. The people are living in the streets without food, water or shelter. The temperatures in the area are hitting the low 20s.  Many who have cars are sheltering in them but they provide little protection from the cold.   

We have our partners mobilized in Aleppo, Gaziantep and Antakya.  The need is immense.  We are raising funds to purchase supplies and provide long term support through our local partners to these communities.  Along with regular donations that would go toward general supplies we have two specific plans in place where we are asking for your help.

1- Sponsor a family for 400 dollars a month (emergency supplies, clothes, food). Our goal is to sponsor at least 20 families for the next six months. 

2- Sponsor a child who has lost their parents for 150 dollars per month.  We are working through our network to prepare safe environments where these children can find holistic care- physical, mental and spiritual. 

Please partner with us and donate.  Please pray.  The destruction in a region that has already faced 12 years of war is overwhelming.  There is much to be done now… and it will be a very, very long road.

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