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Adam Settle
The Adam Settle Story
Last year we introduced you to Adam Settle, a young man with a deep love for the Lord and people, who has overcome a life threatening diagnosis at birth to embrace a life lived without boundaries. Today Adam is excited to announce the release of the book NO DAY WASTED The Adam Settle Story, by Susan Stallings.

The book tells the story of a young man who for 20 years has lived life to the fullest, despite being diagnosed from birth with a rare medical condition called Cobalamin-C Deficiency that prevents his body from breaking down protein properly. Although legally blind and mentally delayed Adam has never let his limitations hold him back from accomplishing his dreams. When asked about his hopes for the book and the message it has, here is what he said. I hope “for people when they read the book and think about what is after this life, for people who are searching, that they will find hope through my testimony and what God has given me through everything and they will know Him and see His love.” Susan Stallings, the book’s author, shared what she learned from working closely with Adam. “Working with Adam has given me a new perspective on what it means to have a disability. We are all disabled in some way, whether it is through our own lack of confidence or an inability to perform a task we wish we could do. In taking on the project of writing Adam’s story, I have realized that although I feel totally incapable and unworthy of writing his book, I can accomplish the task with God’s help and Adam’s encouragement.”

What’s next for Adam? His desire is to become an international inspirational speaker. He is in the process of planning the next steps in this new dream, including raising the funds needed for travel. He hopes that his story will “inspire, encourage, and give hope” to all who hear it!

If you’re interested in reading Adam’s book, you can purchase the book at the link below:

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