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Beirut, Lebanon—One Year Later

In August 2020 a huge blast flattened much of the port of Beirut.  It came at a time when Lebanon was facing enormous economic challenges, government corruption and multiple lockdowns due to the pandemic. According to Amnesty International the explosion killed 217 people, injured 7,000 and displaced more than 300,000 people. 

Life in Lebanon today is still hard. Pastor Marwan of City Bible Church in Beirut, which was damaged in the explosion, was interviewed by Evangelical Focus—Europe. In the interview he shared that the Lebanese people are still in shock—“there is still much trauma, shock, fear, anxiety, hurt and depression….the people are tired of being resilient. They just want to live in peace.”  Corsaire Vining has been working through Tying Vines with City Bible Church and  Home of Hope children’s home. She recently shared some of the day to day life challenges that she and most of the population in Beirut are facing. There are gas lines that last for hours and ultimately the gas is gone before arriving at the pump. Pharmacy shelves are empty. There are food shortages and electricity outages. “Several times a day electricity will just cut off and there will be no way of knowing when it will come back.” Walk with Me reported that with electricity being shut off for 9 hours a day, their “vital programs like the nutrition center which feeds many families, the medical clinic, sewing school, carpentry school and dental clinic have been adversely affected. The electric company announced that soon there will be total blackouts.” The list of needs is endless and resources are limited.

And yet in all of this, there is hope. Two weeks ago Walk with Me was notified that a container, thought to be destroyed by the explosion at the port, was found intact! After excavating tons of rubble, it’s exciting to share that all the supplies are undamaged and will soon be made available. The items include a dental clinic set-up, educational materials, sewing school materials, 24 sewing machines, baby packs and many other things necessary for running their daily programs.

The road ahead is long and difficult. Please continue to pray for the people of Lebanon. Pastor Marwan shared these requests:

  • That Christians would persevere in joy. For the daily needs of each family.
  • For the formation of a new and just government to bring stability back to Lebanon.
  • That God would save the lost.
  • That in our great suffering, eyes will be opened to the One who suffered on the cross in our place.

Thank you.

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