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NOMADS Christmas Outreach

This year NOMADS celebrates 5 years. Congratulations!

Nomads is focused on helping migrant workers in the 10-40 window. An estimated 20 million migrant workers from some of the poorest countries on earth live apart from their families in labor camps around the Middle East region. Nomads equips impoverished workers, bringing hope to those suffering from addiction, mental illness, depression and anxiety. Networking within the community to meet the physical and spiritual needs of migrant workers, Nomads stands with the oppressed.

As was true for relief efforts all over the world, they faced many difficult challenges in 2020. Despite the pandemic, however, they continued to serve migrant workers from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and other countries, who live in labor camps in the Middle East.

As Christmas approaches, they are preparing for their biggest outreach in the camps. Every year they provide care packages to laborers and words of Hope. Jeff and Mary Kenney visited with several of the team this month and learned that preparations are moving ahead with the care packages for the camps. The care packages contain toiletries and cleaning supplies. Usually these are distributed to large groups during a time of celebration, but this year the plan is to meet in smaller groups as permission is granted. If necessary, the volunteers in various camps will distribute the packages individually. Currently NOMADS is working in about 30 different camps with 300 or so people being reached through a large volunteer network. Many laborers return to their home countries with good news for their immediate and extended families!

A new interim ministry director was named this year to serve with NOMADS. He is fluent in Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and English. He has his bachelor’s degree and over the past 10 years he has volunteered with local churches as well as NOMADS. Although he grew up in a culturally Christian home he met Jesus personally in 2000 and is passionate for others to know Jesus, too. He, his wife, and two sons are excited to be serving in full time ministry. Please pray for them as they adjust to this new role, especially with the challenges of 2020.

In asking for prayer, Danielle wrote, “pray that we at NOMADS hold fast to God’s goodness and remember this is God’s ministry not ours. God has a heart for the lost and the broken, so we know He will guide and provide to serve His purposes.” Amen!

Congratulations NOMADS on 5 years of reaching the lost and the brokenhearted in the Middle East and around the world!

Help us bring Christmas to the camps.

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