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Ten Years of Empowering Ministry

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Celebrating Ten Years of Empowering Ministry

Tying Vines is grateful for all the support received in the last 10 years.  This support, whether it is through prayer, finances, or volunteers, is making a difference.   The growth and impact that has happened would not have been possible without the wonderful people and churches who have poured into our projects. This impact reaches around the world.  Initially, in 2011, Tying Vines focused on supporting churches and leadership training in limited locations.  Today, in 2021 we have four major focus areas with projects spanning the globe. These areas of focus are: ministry, humanitarian, marketplace and social justice. They are continuing to expand, and are positively impacting more and more of the world’s most vulnerable people. 


We pursue God’s best for our ministries, for volunteers who make our work possible with their gifts and donations, and for those we serve. Tying Vines provides a platform to help support a variety of projects that are partnering with Christian believers to facilitate ministry in the global church. 

In one project alone, there are currently 27 new Christians who are committed to being trained in a leadership capacity through mentoring, focused training sessions, and intern/ assistant programs.  And the numbers are increasing daily!   Thank you!


We advocate for vulnerable children and families, ensuring access to basic humanitarian assistance. Our humanitarian projects cover initiatives that include basic relief, education, nutrition, health and wellness, agricultural development and disaster response.  In the last year alone, for example, one of our projects provided more than 62,000 meals to families in need.  In addition, in the last year refugees benefited from over 12,000 medical and dental interactions and more than 180 patients received on going trauma counseling through support programs.  In Lebanon, last year, 44 homes and three churches were rebuilt in the aftermath of the Beirut, Lebanon port explosion.  These are just a few examples of the way our projects provide assistance. So much more is happening and again, Thank you!


We’ve launched Tying Vines Marketplace with a focus upon marketing products produced by communities served by Tying Vines’ partners.   The goal is to establish programs that provide necessary vocational skills and a pathway to generate sustainable income for families to flourish.  These marketplace projects empower ethically motivated, indigenous entrepreneurs by connecting their businesses to the global marketplace.  Our project partners do this through capacity building (helping individuals obtain, improve, and retain skills needed for the job market), business incubator programs (helping young start-ups) , and getting products to market.

Social Justice:

Social justice has become a growing priority in recent years as several of our projects focus upon protecting vulnerable men, women and children from physical, emotional and sexual violence. The partners in this focus area of Tying Vines fight against human trafficking, forced labor and violence against women.   Some of our partners focus upon rescuing and defending the powerless, and in some cases work through local justice systems to end violence against people living in poverty.   Other partners focus upon providing victims with a safe place to heal and experience the restoration of dignity. Still others are focused upon serving thousands of migrant workers who often suffer from addiction, mental illness, depression, anxiety and forced labor.   All of our project partners who are committed to serving in the area of social justice are dedicated to equipping people and organizations across the globe with the tools needed to eliminate human trafficking.  

Our vision for Tying Vines is to transform communities through joint participation with stakeholders, shared goals and trusted partnerships that share God’s love and  improve the quality of life for at risk people groups .  And transformation is happening.  Lives are being changed.   Thank you for joining in this vision and working with us to make an impact that will change the world- one beautiful life at a time.

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