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Responding to the War in Ukraine

Responding to the War in Ukraine
Responding to the War in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022 the Russian Federation launched a full fledged attack on Ukraine. Tying Vines is responding to this crisis and asking for help. Within hours of the initial attack Melissa Mitchell, founder of our Walk with Me project, met with the Polish and Ukrainian ambassadors in the country where she lives to strategize and establish ways to help where most needed. There is a 1600 mile border between Poland and Ukraine and they anticipate the arrival of 4 million refugees. Already Walk with Me has medical volunteers and counselors waiting to enter and help. A major request from the ambassadors is the establishment of a Rapid Response Field Clinic at the border crossing.

Richard M. wrote me this about his own evacuation just a week ago.

  • No running water
  • No food
  • You can only bring one bag
  • No ATMs. Cards don’t work
  • No gasoline
  • No taxis
  • No buses, trains or flights
  • Cars backed up for 20 miles at the border.
  • After 7 hours we made it to the border.

We waited another 6. Chaos everywhere.
Richard arrived in Poland and set out to help refugees find places to stay, food, and aid.
He concluded his story with these words- Today I can’t rest knowing there are so many in need.

The need for help is escalating with every day that the war continues. Melissa arrived in Poland last week to collaborate the next steps for on-the-ground help. Follow us on social media to see the latest updates on our response to this growing crisis.

Carolyn M Humes March 22, 2022

A check is being mailed to you today from Morgan Stanley on our behalf. If they have not added the Project info, it is intended for the Ukraine Relief.

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