Tying Vines

New Look Renewed Purpose

Tying Vines New Look Renewed Purpose
Reflections on Best Laid Plans
Looking Back

In 2010, after several years of living in the Middle East and being involved in activities and projects in the region, Jeff and Mary Kenney decided that an easier way to help people financially was needed. Several of their friends were doing exciting things but there simply wasn’t an easy way to donate to them. They also knew that if they could find a way to simplify the process of giving to these individuals and churches not linked to anyone outside the area, that other people might be interested in helping as well. Jeff, Mary and several friends in their Small Group began to talk about starting a 501c3 and what it would take.

Tying Vines, Inc., was established in 2011 with the goal of providing assistance to indigenous charities and ministries working to relieve suffering and bring hope to disadvantaged or impoverished populations primarily throughout the Middle East region. Through a variety of projects we support, and the ever-growing network we have developed, more than 85,000 people have benefited from services such as primary health care, trauma counseling, education and community development.

Many of our board members have extensive experience working specifically in the Middle East in professions like financial compliance and internal auditing to strategic governance and organizational development. Having such readily available expertise helps ensure that the programs we support truly run smoothly.

Tying Vines Logo
New Look

Now approaching 2020, our goal remains the same – simple and straightforward: empower local, on-going efforts to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable and in need. Therefore, we wanted to make sure our logo design is simple and straightforward as well. We’re excited to launch this updated and easily identifiable look for more clarity across our brand

Renewed Purpose

Just as our name (the concept of tying vines) implies, we are about supporting new growth. For us that means cultivating effective partnerships, linking project leaders with others who can collaborate and strengthen their initiatives in order to help those fleeing war, discrimination and abuse in developing countries. We empower those who have been planted in strategic positions and are determined to provide help and hope for the underprivileged. Our vibrantly colored logo now better reflects this messaging with the bright green evoking new beginnings, growth, life and energy and the blue associated with peace and a sense of being refreshed. Help us share this news on your own social media accounts and engage us directly at the links provided below:

Website: www.tyingvines.org
Blog: News & Stories
Instagram @tyingvines


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