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Nomads is a ministry that equips impoverished, migrant workers, bringing hope to those suffering
Nomads Project
Nuno & Gila opened their home in 2018 with the goal to share the love of God and make disciples of Jesus Christ.
Pam's ministry is for non-profit Christian ministry leaders and women created to inspire hope, growth, and endurance.
Tying Vines owns an eCommerce company called Work of Worth to connect our partners with markets.
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The past 20 plus years, Bill and JoAnn have helped train Muslim background believers (MBBs) in Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, and now most recently in the Republic of Georgia with new believers from inside Iran itself who were able to come for training.
Gabriel and his family are moving to Espoo, Finland in July to become the Youth Pastor at United Community Church.
The Byrds Projects
Our ministry and mission will continue to improve and impact the lives of people in poverty-stricken areas, experiencing humanitarian crisis, refugees, and areas of extreme drought in various countries.
Together Network is a parachurch ministry serving local churches across more than 25 countries.
Together Network
United Follow-Up ministry was founded with a mission of giving every truth-seeker the chance to meet a Christ-centered mature believer.
United FollowUp (1920 UF)
Our crisis response is centered on providing funding and supplies to empower impacted communities to rebuild their lives.
Tim and Tawnya Green have served with Island Encounters in Fiji since 2016. They work with women and children.
Green Family
Home of Hope is a non-profit organization which serves the misfortunate, abused, abandoned, and orphaned children in Lebanon.
Home Of Hope
Invigorate was started to build manufacturing facilities in strategic countries to make wheelchairs and other assistive technology devices.
This initiative is designed to raise funds that can then be used to fund new businesses.
Business Development - First Group of trainees
Individuals that have an interest in and motivation to be an entrepreneur and start or run a business
Capacity Building -Business Startup Class
To foster the development of sustainable communities through economic development in partnership with local community leaders and organizations.
Products To Market
Tying Vines owns an eCommerce company called Work of Worth to connect our partners with markets.
Products To Market
Helping local Arabic churches reach the next generation for Christ.
For 26 years, Anwar and Julene have served at ECC. Anwar was a bible study leader, director of Men’s Ministry, and Elder.
Anwar Sawaya
If you would like to donate by check, please make your check payable to Tying Vines and include the project number or project name in the memo line.
B-Bridge Banner
For hundreds of years, the Batwa people lived as hunters and gatherers amongst the mountain gorillas that inhabit the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of southwestern Uganda.
Batwa Project
The Blessing Cameroon Orphans Ministry(BCOM) was founded on Easter 2019 and currently shares the love of our Lord Jesus Christ with four sponsored orphanages in Douala, Cameroon.
Chris & Nicole are serving in Muscat, Oman, with their two sons. Chris is the pastor for a new congregation under Anglican governance.
Church of St. John - Muscat 2023
Corsaire lives in Beirut where she served at-risk kids at Home of Hope for several years before moving full-time to lead CBC kids.
Corsaire Vining Banner
Deep Waters, is aimed to bring hope to the laborers from various nations.
Fundaura’s Venezuela Relief Project delivers nutritious food, builds schools in shipping containers, and provides clothing and shoes to children in desperate need.