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Forging a Unified Approach Cultivating Connections for Lasting Impact

Forging a Unified Approach: Cultivating Connections for Lasting Impact

Building meaningful connections has been a core aspect of my mission from the very beginning. The inception of WalkWithMe.global marked the commencement of an incredible journey, sparked by an unexpected four-day event that kickstarted our humanitarian initiatives. In 2014, we proudly launched our first medical clinic, setting the wheels in motion for our work. Recognizing the importance of establishing a nonprofit platform, I forged vital connections with Tying Vines, Inc., a burgeoning startup at the time.

As WalkWithMe.global found its place as a project under the Tying Vines umbrella, we witnessed remarkable growth not only in our scope but also in our unified, purpose-driven approach. Tying Vines became more than just a partner; they became a guiding force, working hand in hand with me to prioritize transparency and accountability while expanding our programs. Together, we navigated the incredible expansion of WalkWithMe.global, which now encompasses over 40 projects in 14 countries. 

United by a common vision, our team confronted changes head-on, immersing ourselves in forging strategic alliances, rallying teams, and amplifying the voices of the marginalized—a relentless pursuit of perfectly aligned missions. Our efforts, so intertwined, at times it became challenging to distinguish between the two entities.

We progressed, wholeheartedly embracing the exponential growth. The Tying Vines platform evolved to accommodate the expanding scope of our humanitarian endeavors. We fortified our digital infrastructure. In a calculated decision, we acquired Work of Worth, a business that serves as a gateway, facilitating connections between purpose-driven entrepreneurs and a global market. Our financial and management teams expanded, as did our administrative teams, reinforcing the foundations of our operations and administration. From its humble beginnings as a collection of small projects, Tying Vines extended its impact, touching the lives of more than 400,000 people in 37 countries in 2022 including providing support to almost 1200 partner churches. 

I transitioned from being an independent force to becoming an integral thread within the Tying Vines network, offering my expertise in both the humanitarian and business realms. In the face of this evolution, we found ourselves at a crossroads. WalkWithMe.global and Tying Vines Inc. had become intertwined, an inseparable union forged through our shared purpose. 

Inevitably, in 2023, we made the decision to merge our forces completely, forging a unified and collaborative approach to empower our global work. While our way of working together remains largely unchanged, I am humbled and delighted to announce my formal role as Vice President of Programs at Tying Vines, Inc. 

Under the exceptional leadership of Mary Kenney, President of Tying Vines, along with the collective wisdom and expertise of our management team, I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of such an exceptional organization. 
I cordially invite you to join us as we commence our inaugural Cultivating Connections event on June 25th. Together, we are expanding our sphere of influence, nurturing connections, and effecting enduring change for the world’s most vulnerable communities. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering your support of our Cultivating Connections event by:

(1) becoming an event Sponsor
(2) donating an Auction Item, or
(3) contributing financially Tying Vines

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