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Introducing Tying Vines' Christmas Campaign

The war in Ukraine and rising global inflation present an ever-growing sense of urgency for the most vulnerable communities around the world; especially in many Middle Eastern countries hosting refugees where 75% of their grain usually comes from Ukraine. Rapidly rising inflation and shortages of food and fuel are already affecting those most at-risk and are anticipated to worsen in the coming months. Winter, with below freezing temperatures, poses a dire threat as sky-rocketing fuel prices will limit the ability of refugees, migrant workers and struggling communities to heat their homes and tents.


Tying Vines is uniquely situated to help with the needs for food and fuel. Many in our network of churches, humanitarian and ministry partners call this volatile part of the world home. They are local leaders who have chosen to serve this vulnerable demographic. 

With your support, Tying Vines will be equipped in 2023 to help our partners continue providing hope and love through this important ministry. 

Please consider making a gift today.

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We empower Christian ministries, deliver humanitarian aid, invest in economic development, and fight injustice to positively impact the world’s most vulnerable.

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