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Celebrating Our Future by Reflecting on our Past

Celebrating Our Future by Reflecting on our Past

It has been 13 years since our origin. We can still recall the conversations around the small wooden table at the Kenney house in the United Arab Emirates as we dreamed big about all that God could do if we could find a way to connect local partners with the resources they needed to impact lives around the world. We knew we were being called to bridge that gap so in 2011 Tying Vines was born with just 3 staff members and a whole lot of hope.

Fast forward to 2023 and we continue to be fueled by this same hope. What once started with just a few partners has now grown to over 36 countries and over 800,000 people impacted in 2023 alone, 814,654 to be exact. 

These numbers can feel distant and hard to comprehend, but it is important to remember that these are more than numbers, these are real people. People like you and me. People who are mothers, and fathers. People who are sons and daughters. People who have hopes, dreams and goals. People who want what is best for their lives just like we do. 

It was once said that the number that has the biggest impact on your life is the zip code you are born into. Although this statement may be true, we believe that it should not prevent someone from reaching their God-given potential. After years of work we have identified four key areas of support that have the biggest impact on our brothers and sisters across the sea; ministry, humanitarian, marketplace, and crisis response. 

We are humbled to share these numbers with you from 2023, but as you read them please remember they are so much more than numbers.

Meals Served

That is the number of meals served in 2023. That is over 6 million times people did not have to go to bed hungry. Those are parents who could finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing their children had food to eat. Those are kids who could concentrate in school because their bellies were full. Those are over 6 million times people experienced a sense of comfort when they needed it most. 

Medical Interactions

This is the number of medical interactions in 2023. This number is literally life-saving. Around the world medical care is not readily available especially for those living in war zones or extreme poverty. In fact, something as simple as a stomach ache can quickly turn into a death-sentence. Providing high-quality medical care has a life-altering impact. 

People Helped

This is the number of people helped through disaster response. 2023 was a crazy year for natural disasters including the Maui fires, the earthquakes in Turkey, Syria and Morocco, the ongoing war in Ukraine, and the catastrophic flooding in Libya. As we mentioned earlier, the zip code you live in has a direct impact on your life, and this is especially true when it comes to disasters. Many times people are going about their daily life when a crisis unexpectedly hits and forever changes the trajectory of their life. When this is the case, few things are more important than immediate intervention to bring relief and save lives. This includes providing shelters, clean water, hot meals,emergency medical care, and most importantly, hope.

Children Educated

542 children are receiving an education through our programs. The majority of countries do not provide primary education for refugee children and parents are left with the difficulty of deciding if their child eats for the day or attends school. By removing these obstacles generations are impacted through the opportunity of education. 

Other important accomplishments to celebrate: 

Overall Impact: 814,654

Churches Worked With: 1796

Meals Provided: 6,186,666

Dental Patients: 609

Agricultural Programs: 7

People in Rehabilitation Programs: 315

Migrant Laborers Impacted: 924

Women helped through Women’s Empowerment Programs: 414

Young Adults in Technical Programs: 62

Young Adults in Vocational Training: 155

Entrepreneur’s Helped: 13

Business Incubator Programs: 4

Businesses Launched: 9

We are beyond grateful to each and every one of you who have stepped up to help provide the prayers, support and resources needed to reach these incredible accomplishments. We look forward to making even more significant strides in 2024. 

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