Evangelical Community Church is an embassy of the Lord Jesus Christ in Abu Dhabi, growing disciples from the nations to be gospel ambassadors to the nations.

But what does this vision mean? Let’s consider the various components of this statement:

An embassy of the Lord Jesus Christ – Governments set up embassies in foreign countries to care for their own citizens living in those countries and to engage with those countries. In the same way, the risen Jesus established local churches on earth to represent the kingdom of God in the world. As an embassy, each local church cares for Christians, the citizens of the kingdom of God, who are now living as strangers and expats in this world (1 Peter 1:1). At ECC we believe Jesus is Lord of the world and the only Savior for sinners. We engage with the world as an embassy proclaiming this good news.

In Abu Dhabi – Our location creates unique challenges and opportunities. We desire to make the most of the opportunity that God has opened for us here in the Middle East.

The Evangelical Community Church is a Christ-centered, interdenominational, English-speaking congregation in Abu Dhabi (EECAD). The ECCAD was started in 1972 when a small group of Christians met together in the home of members of TEAM, the organization that founded the Oasis Hospital – a Christian hospital in Al Ain. The ECCAD is comprised of more than 40 nationalities, and the church center is used throughout the week by more than 60 congregations worshiping in a variety of languages.
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