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Church of St. John – Muscat 2023

Support for the Gospel ministry of Reverend Chris Howitz in Oman

Church of St. John - Muscat 2023

Chris & Nicole are serving in Muscat, Oman, with their two sons. Chris is the pastor for a new congregation under Anglican governance. 

We hope to provide two English-language services in the capital region, one contemporary, and one more traditional. Biblical, Evangelical and Reformed in outlook, as well as open to the Holy Spirit’s gifts and guiding, we welcome anyone who wants to discover, grow in, and celebrate, our risen King’s rescue of the world – Together exploring how we can live for Jesus in this wonderful city.

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We want to be rooted in Him, and reaching out to the world around us. 
Our church name, ‘The Church of St John – Muscat’, celebrates both the beloved  disciple of Jesus who wrote the fourth Gospel, and also commemorates the Nestorian bishop Yohannu / John of the 4th century AD, whose diocese, Bait Mazunayeh, covered this part of the world. The reference to the local bishop flags our desire to be truly rooted in this place, for God’s glory.

Our church logo is made up of the four first letters of our name in Arabic. K for Kaneesa (Church), Q for Qadees (Saint), Y for Yohannu (John), and M for Muscat. The logo is in ‘square cufic form’ so that they fit together to form a cross at the centre (which is obviously central to who we are!)
Church of St. John - Muscat 2023
Church of St. John
Howitz Family

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