Capacity Building

Capacity Building-Soft Skills Class

Capacity Building

Individuals that have an interest in and motivation to be an entrepreneur and start or run a business are selected to go through an entrepreneurship training program.

This program consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Idea Generation: This is a two-day workshop were the entrepreneur develops their business ideas and learn how to select the best idea for them to pursue. The work on 10 business ideas and by the end of the workshop select the top three ideas.

Phase 2: Business Plan Development: This is a five-day workshop that walks the entrepreneur through all the basic steps of developing their idea into a Concept Business Plan. They are required to do real time market research to validate the market for their idea. They analyze the detailed processes in their business to identify needed equipment and skilled labor. They work up all the startup cost needs. They develop detailed fixed and variable costs to complete a cash flow and profit and loss statement. The business plan they develop includes the capital requirements, payback period, and breakeven point.

Phase 3: Business Plan Evaluation: This is a process after Phase 2 and the concept business plan that the entrepreneur has developed is subject to detailed evaluation by business coaches. The Concept Business Plan from Phase 2 must be critically evaluated by experience coaches to ensure the plan is solid. Coming out of Phase 3 will be a well vetted plan that can be submitted for consideration for funding.

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