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An invaluable asset, a pillar of strength; An ode to Karol

An invaluable asset, a pillar of strength; An ode to Karol

Karol Kimple, who has been with Tying Vines since the beginning, is leaving us this month.  She will be sorely missed.    Karol exemplifies what it means to be a part of Tying Vines.  We are everyday people who offer our gifts and talents to bring hope and God’s love to the world’s most vulnerable.  Karol started with Tying Vines as our bookkeeper from the beginning.  She has been critical to the success of our mission, understanding that donated funds meant a family would receive a meal and a displaced child could attend school. 

This was not an easy decision and Karol shared how she will miss being an active part of what it means to work for Tying Vines.  “I will miss my frequent interactions with the team of Tying Vines. I have made lifelong friends and I will miss them dearly.”  Those who have worked with Karol and gotten to know her will miss her as well. 

 “Karol, I always knew that I could count on you to come through when needed the most.  Those desperate times when your funds transfer was so critical!”- Bill

  “Thank you for all the time you gave in this mission and all of your love and efforts.”- Caroline

  Thank you for “jumping into the bookkeeping end of things and the all-important distributions task, to keep our partners and the various and many ministries operating.”-Bob

Being a part of a passionate team, making a difference in the world, and seeing Tying Vines grow from basically an idea in Jeff and Mary Kenney’s minds to an organization that impacts the world was challenging and exciting.  “I will miss the satisfaction of knowing that in some little way, I made a difference.” 

Team members and project leaders are grateful for Karol’s not so small contribution.  In saying goodbye from Doha, Melissa shared, “Your dedication as Tying Vines bookkeeper since 2011 has been nothing short of remarkable.  I’m so thankful I worked with you, especially in those early years!  Your commitment and hard work have been the backbone of our financial stability and growth. “  

And Tim wrote, “…the world is immeasurably better for your time with this organization, and we are so grateful for you, your heart, and your service towards countless men, women, and children.  Thank you for all you have poured into this ministry.”

Working with great people and being a part of exciting change was important for Karol, but her favorite memory from her time with Tying Vines was the staff trip to the Middle East in 2022.  The team was able to visit several projects and meet ministry project leaders in the region

“I do not know what my expectations were, but the experience far exceeded anything I could imagine. My heart was ill prepared for what that experience would mean for me.  I was fortunate to visit with Nomads and get to know some of the leadership.  The work that is being done over there is nothing short of amazing. Home of Hope (Lebanon) was a place I got to see firsthand. There I met the children that are being blessed by Tying Vines. Most impactful for me was my visit to the center in Lebanon. I connected with a young Syrian refugee woman.  I love her like my own daughter… This trip was life changing. “

Karol’s departure and the hole that she leaves perhaps is best summed up with words from Mary Kenney – our Tying Vines President.  “For years we have worked together, overcoming many challenges and achieving great success.” Karol’s dedication, hard work, and unwavering loyalty has not gone unnoticed.  She has been an “invaluable asset, a pillar of strength, and a source of inspiration for all of us. “Her departure leaves a void that cannot be easily filled.” 

Karol, from all of us at Tying Vines, Thank you and may God pour out His richest blessings on you!

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An invaluable asset, a pillar of strength; An ode to Karol
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